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Getting started with your marketing database

This article is the first in a series of articles for you to learn how to use the marketing database template successfully.

MicroDB’s flexible structure and customization options let you build your marketing workflows, share data with your team, and organize everything so your team can deliver amazing results.

With this database template you can:

  • Organize project leads
  • Manage marketing campaigns
  • Capture details for client calls
  • Create projects and assign tasks with notifications
  • Manage marketing budgets. 

And much more.

Before you begin

You must already be registered on MicroDB.co sign up for a free account.

Let’s create your database. It’s easy !

Login to view the Data Dashboard screen and you will see the Add Database card. Click the Add Database card to navigate to the Template Gallery.

In the Template Gallery, choose the Marketing Database template.

Give your database a name and click save. That’s it!

Now MicroDB performs automation to build the database in the cloud for you. Next you are redirected to the Data Dashboard screen where you can start using your database. 

To learn more about using your database see the list below for the other articles in this series. 


This article is one in a series about the Marketing Database template. To continue learning please visit:

Updated on January 4, 2023

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