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How to link tables


This article walks you through the step-by-step process to link tables. MicroDB allows tables to connect with each other and makes linking tables very easy to manage.

Before you begin:

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In this section, we’ll show you how to Link Tables based on our simple example. 

After logging in your account, select and open database tables. From the Table list, click the Edit Table pencil icon button. In the case of this Online Order example, we’ll click the Order Line Items table edit table.

After clicking on the Edit Table button, you are navigated to the new Table screen. Add a new column and give it a name, for this example we’ll name the column name as Order Number.

For the Data Type, click the icon to open the Data Type pop up screen. In the pop up screen, choose ‘Link’ from the first drop down list.

The second drop down list, under the ‘Table Link’ section shows you a list of tables in your database. Choose a table from the drop down list.

 For this example we would choose ‘Orders’.

When choosing the linking table, the following three drop down lists will contain columns from the linking table. We selected Order number in label 1 to create a label when we are adding data to the table.

Click ‘Save’ on the pop up screen to close it and return back to the table edit screen. Click ‘Save’ from the top menu to apply the link to the table. 

The link is now ready to use. 

Note: Removing a link

If you need to remove the link, you must first clear all data in the table column that contains the link. Table columns that are linked must be free of data before they can be removed.

Note: Change a link

Links cannot be changed, they only be created or removed. If you need to change a link, it will need to be removed then recreated.


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Updated on January 17, 2023

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